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Unique Experiences


Afternoon Piton Cruise into Sunset

Our sunset by the sea is unmatched. Set sail aboard a private catamaran out of the bay and into an evening spectacle with the majestic view of the iconic Pitons. Bring your swimwear to enjoy a snorkel at one of the marine reserves. Include Hors D’oeuvres and Drinks included. Time: 3.00 pm Duration: 4 hours


River Kayaking

Kayak over the calm waters of Marigot Bay to a banana plantation. Enjoy a short stroll before kayaking to the mouth of the Roseau river and back to the resort with your Personal Instructor. Time: 10 AM or 11 AM| Duration: 2 hours

from $45.00

Gros Piton Nature Climb & Swim

An invigorating hiking adventure with snorkelling, beautiful views and picnic Depart from Capella Marigot Bay by boat to the foot of one of St. Lucia’s iconic landmarks, Gros Piton, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With your private guide you’ll make the hike up to 2,619 feet above sea level. This is an invigorating climb for those who welcome the challenge of a 3-4 hour long hike. We’ll rest at the top with a picnic lunch at the peak overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Finish your experience with a snorkel and swim at a marine reserve. Duration: Full day, Min 7 hours.

from $210.00

Mini Sunset Cruise for Two

A one hour trip with bubbly and the sunset by boat Catch the final glow of the day with a mini sunset cruise to Castries harbour. This private sailing experience is a great way to end the day, sip on sparkling wine and relax in the warm sea breeze. Duration: 1 hour Inclusions: Boat, Prosecco, beer, sodas and bottled water.


Signature Cocktail Class

Join our mixologist at the Rum Cave for an interactive class where you will learn to create our signature cocktails so that you can make them at home. Time: 5 PM Duration: 1 hour Location: Rum Cave



The perfect accompaniment to a dining gift voucher. Select this bottle to accompany your meal.

from $180.00

Holistic Foot Massage - 30 Minutes

This treatment is designed to relieve the heaviness caused by long distance flights and poor circulation. The techniques are a combination of lymphatic drainage and reflexology.


Monetary Voucher

Give a little something towards a stay here at Marigot Bay. The monetary gift voucher can be exchanged or used in part payment for a variety of Marigot Bay experiences (for example dinner, a luxury overnight stay or perhaps a spa treatment).

from $50.00

Deep Cleansing Holistic Facial - 60 Minutes

Detox, cleanse, and relax in one luxurious experience. This facial uses custom blended essential oils to soften fine lines and smoothen your face. You will glow from the inside out.


Waning Moon - Cleansing (180 minutes)

The waning moon is the perfect time to feel restored. Your treatment will begin with a foot massage that uses detoxifying oils and pressure point techniques. An exfoliation, using silk gloves, followed by a lymphatic massage will cleanse any pollutants from your system. Finally, you will enjoy a refreshing facial to ensure total purification. This treatment will leave you feeling fully revived and renewed. In all four moon phase treatments, Auriga features products from The Organic Pharmacy, the world’s first and only pharmacy to use 100% organic products and treatments.


Men's Environmental Repair Facial - 60 Minutes

Our anti-aging facial will restore your healthy skin after sun damage, shaving, pollution, and other environmental exposures.


Full Body Massage

Soothing your sore muscles and stimulating your circulation, this massage will help to revitalise and invigorate your body and spirit.

from $190.00

Soufriere Stone Massage (90 Minutes)

The Soufriere Sulphur Springs act as the foundation of this thermal treatment. Unlike traditional stone massages, this treatment mixes acupressure with pure sulphur minerals. This will rebalance your energy levels and nourish your skin. The volcanic stones and detoxifying qualities of the minerals will combine to cleanse your body and relieve any tension in your body


Other Bubbles

The perfect accompaniment to a dining gift voucher. Select this bottle to accompany your meal.

from $132.00

Sun Recovery Cocoon (60 Minutes)

This treatment will help your skin recuperate after sun exposure. A full body mask of aloe and lavender will cool and soothe your skin and a gentle facial mask and scalp massage will help you to relax.


Zip Line into Lunch & Rum

Take the road less travelled and spend the morning zipping and gliding, surrounded by a lush rainforest. Dine in a 140 year-old historic French Colonial wooden home and stop for rum tasting at our local distillery. Time: 8.15 am Duration: Full day

from $120.00


Rebalance your energy with this natural healing holistic therapy using specific pressure techniques to the feet and hands. This treatment focuses on your reflex points that will help your body to heal itself.

from $90.00

Signature Aromatherapy - 90 Minutes

A soothing aromatic massage: this treatment uses plant and herb extracts. Massage techniques used in this treatment include lymphatic drainage, acupressure, and effleurage.


New Moon - The Beginning (120 minutes)

The new moon is the time for renewal and introspection. Meditate on who you are and who would like to become. To start, we offer a massage for your feet - your foundation. Your body and mind will then be thoroughly revitalised with a seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub followed by a deeply stimulating seaweed wrap. The treatment concludes with a full body rosemary and eucalyptus massage to leave you feeling awakened.


Therapeutic Massage

A combination of deep tissue, acupressure, myofascial release, and other massage techniques - this treatment releases muscle tension and aids in recovery from soreness.

from $120.00

Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

Using 100% natural and organic products, this facial will cleanse, soothe, nourish and balance all in one treatment.

from $110.00

Pregnancy Massage

Special massage techniques are adapted to each stage of your journey. Your massage will be customised to ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

from $110.00

A Bottle Of Your Favourite White Wine

The perfect accompaniment to a dining gift voucher. Select this bottle to accompany your meal.

from $108.00

A Bottle Of Your Favourite Red Wine

The perfect accompaniment to a dining gift voucher. Select this bottle to accompany your meal.

from $96.00

Couples Therapeutic Massage

A combination of deep tissue, acupressure, myofascial release, and other massage techniques - this treatment releases muscle tension and aids in recovery from soreness, to be had in one of our double suites.

from $210.00

60 Minute Back Massage

A relaxing pressure point and Swedish massage back treatment.


Couples Cocoon

Choose from any of our body scrubs or wraps in our double suites

from $190.00

Panse Body Exfoliation & Wrap - 90 Minutes

This total body experience is created using Saint Lucia’s finest natural resources of sea salt, palm husk, farine, sea moss, nutmeg, and honey. Your skin will be left smooth and nourished while your mind will be relaxed by a delicious blend of aromas.


Fiksyon Fwote' (Rub Massage) - 90 Minutes

Experience this fusion of traditional 'rub' techniques using a Fiksyon potion and warm bamboo sticks. This unique experience will stimulate the natural healing powers of your body while relaxing your muscles. The combination of warm limes and herbs will leave you feeling revitalised and at peace.


Waxing Moon - Sowing The Seeds (120 Minutes)

The waxing moon is the time to refocus your energy so that you can reach your goals and a higher potential. To begin, your feet will be anointed with the scent of jasmine using pressure point techniques. Enjoy a head massage followed by a head and feet wrap while a luxurious petal and salt scrub exfoliate the body. The treatment concludes with a nurturing jasmine mask and a full body massage that will leave you feeling grounded and full of creative energy.


The Art of Couples Massage Class

This two-hour afternoon class has been created to teach massage techniques to bring about an emotional bond between partners. Your trained therapist will share knowledge and practices with you and yours that you can use at home.


Couples Massage

Choose a full body Swedish massage or a therapeutic massage in our double suites.

from $190.00

Explore & Relax at National Park Beach

Take a boat ride to the northern part of the island to explore the fort and military ruins used during the 14 battles between the French and British. Enjoy a stroll in the park or relax on the beach. Time: 2.30 pm Duration: 3 hours Location: Capella Marina


Body Scrub Workshop

An interactive class beginning with a description of the key ingredients. Discover how the constituents are harvested and how they benefit within the scrub. Tailor make your own exfoliant from chosen ingredients.


Discover Saint Lucia

Depart by boat with our cultural ambassador on a full day exploration of the island’s most unique sites. Climb to the top of a remote rainforest sulphur spring and waterfall, and enjoy snorkelling as you return from your journey. Time: 9.00 am Duration: Full Day Location: Capella Marina

from $220.00

Ti Mange Cooking Class

Enjoy cooking lessons at The Grill at 14 ⁰61⁰ where our chefs will show you the traditional cooking styles of Saint Lucia, highlighting the flavours and techniques of Caribbean cuisine. Duration: 2 hours


Rum Infusing

Begin your experience with a visit to Castries market accompanied by a local, to shop for indigenous spices that you will later use to create your own infused rum. Your next stop will be to St. Lucia Rum Distillery where you will meet a team of distillers and blenders, who work together to produce some of the world’s best rums and rum products. They’ll share their expertise and tell the tale of the Forgotten Cask Rum, overlooked after the distillery had a major fire. Return to the resort’s Rum Cave, where you will be greeted by a master infuser, who will introduce you to three distinct rums. With his assistance, you will create your own infused bottle of rum, flavoured by your chosen St. Lucian spices.


Full Moon - The Height (180 minutes)

The full moon is the time to realise your full potential and live life to its fullest. With a scent revered for centuries, nothing encompasses balance more than rose, the focus of this stabilising treatment. The process begins with an anointment and massage of the feet with rose oil. Your body will be exfoliated with rose petals and rose-oil-infused salt. A deep, cleansing rose wrap will nourish your body with minerals, followed by a deep, relaxing massage and a lymphatic facial. This treatment will bring harmony to all your systems.


Champagne & Sushi

Enjoy the last of the day’s sun rays over a glass of champagne and sushi in Bar Brut.


Girly Spa Time

For little girls everywhere! Your child will learn tips and tricks to creating fun ponytail styles and cool braids. She will then enjoy a kids’ mini Mani/Pedi to end the day with sparking fingers and toes.


Crafted Cocktail Class

Join our mixologist at the Rum Cave Bar for an interactive class where you will learn and create our “Signature Cocktails” so that you can make them at home.


Rum Tasting

Join us at the Rum Cave where our experts will teach you about the history and process of rum production. They will guide you through a tasting of the different blends of aged rums produced in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean. Time: 5.00 pm Duration: 1 hour


Vitamin C & Papaya Enzyme Peel - 60 Minutes

Brightening the skin for an immediate radiance boost, we use a range of organic ingredients to target age spots, pigmentation, and uneven skin across the face and neck.


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